Variosuc – mobile and flexible spray mist suction system

Depending on the practice requirements or the area of application, adequate protection against infection must be ensured, particularly by means of highly efficient suction of germ-laden aerosol. With the Variosuc mobile suction unit, DÜRR DENTAL offers a mobile and ready-to-use spray mist suction system that can be used flexibly and does not require prior installation in the dental practice. Simply plug in and get started! This means that even under exceptional conditions, you can rely on a highly efficient DÜRR DENTAL suction system. If it is difficult to install the Variosuc in a practice, it can also be used as a permanently stationary solution, e.g. in the prophylaxis room.

A suction volume of 300 l/min is mandatory

Without this kind of suction system, the cooling spray from fast-running and ultrasonic instruments can cause an aerosol cloud to spread throughout the entire treatment room. Thanks to suction systems with a suction performance of around 300 l/min, the resulting risk of infection is efficiently reduced. According to a study (source: Tillner, 2016), suction with a powerful spray mist suction system is the only effective way to reduce aerosols.

Integrated exhaust air virus-bacteria filter

For hygienic reasons, we recommend the installation of a bacteria filter in the exhaust air line of the suction system. The Variosuc has a bacteria filter fitted as standard for all-round hygienic suction.

Comfort manifolds

Hose manifolds in dental practices are equipped with various components depending on the treatment focus, personal suction technique and handling. Due to its modular design, the DÜRR DENTAL Comfort hose manifold can be extended individually and is configured for up to five different components.

Variosuc VS/VSA

The Variosuc is based on the established DÜRR DENTAL VS technology with separation and vacuum generation on a single shaft.

The mobile Variosuc VSA option combines vacuum generation and separation in a single compact assembly.

Variosuc Technical Data

  • Noise level dB(A): ~54
  • Dimensions (H x W x D cm): 90 x 36.5 x 64
  • Weight (kg): 31
  • Voltage (V): 230
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Current consumption (A): 2.9
  • Vacuum (mbar): 180
  • Number of operators: 1
  • Useable volume of secretion collector (l): 3


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