For Emergency Callouts

For Emergency Callouts

For Emergency Callouts

Preventative Maintenance

Dental Engineering carry out preventative maintenance for hundreds of practices across the Northwest of England and North Wales. This is an invaluable service that keeps essential dental equipment functioning and limits costly downtime that may result from equipment failure.

In addition to the stress of an unexpected breakdown there is the effect it could have on a practice reputation and, ultimately, affect the income of the practice. Nobody wants to rebook patients due to faulty equipment!

The CQC also look for evidence that equipment is being maintained in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. Outcome 11 specifies that providers must ensure that equipment used or provided is suitable for its purpose, is available when required, is properly maintained, and is used correctly and safely.

All work carried out by Dental Engineering is properly documented for your practice file to give you peace of mind.

As well your dental treatment centres, our engineers can provide maintenance on x-ray systems (annual and critical examinations), suction systems, autoclaves (including Pressure System Inspections), and compressors (including Pressure System Inspections).

We can also provide support by telephone, WhatsApp, or Facetime – free of charge.

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How we work


01: It starts as soon as it goes wrong.


02: You call us.


03: We act upon the appropriate service level.


04: There’s three we choose from.


05: Red – Failure of equipment leading to loss of service to patients.


06: Amber – Equipment broken or about to break requiring parts but your service can still be maintained.


07: Green – Cosmetic damage or similar that is not leading to a loss of service.


08: We arrive at your practice – when we say we will, keeping you informed of any delays.


09: When convenient we look at the equipment that needs attention.


10: Our engineer will diagnose the problem and advise on your repair or any parts that are required.


11: Quickly and efficiently the work will be carried out – to your satisfaction.


12: We use electronic data capture to confirm completion and acceptance.


13: On completion of the maintenance call we can inspect any other equipment, or leave you with our renowned Dental Engineering peace of mind.

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