Acteon X-Mind AC – 2015 Model

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This is a used machine in excellent condition and comes with one month warranty on the tube head, and twelve months warranty on all other parts. Installation and critical exam are available in Northwest England and North Wales.
The Satelec X-Mind AC generator is fitted with a Toshiba DG-073B monophased auto rectifier tube.

It generates a high 70kV voltage with an ideal intensity of 8mA. Concentrated, high density radiation in a very small diameter focal spot (0.7mm) for greater accuracy. Supplied with a long cone as standard, the generator is perfectly suited to the parallel technique (a short cone and a rectangular cone are available as options). The rays emitted have a large wavelength and provide pictures characterized by a widespread grey scale for better distinction of anatomical detail. The new timer is programmed for use with “D”, “E” or “F” type films and it can be installed remotely.


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Classification : Electromedical equipment, Class 1 type B
Supply voltage : 220/230/240V – monophase 50/60Hz
Power absorption at 230V : 0.8kVA
Resistance of the line : 0.5 ohms
X-ray tube : New Toshiba DG 073B tube
High voltage : 70kV
Anode current : 8mA
Focal spot : 0.7mm
Total filtration : Equivalent to 2mm Al at 70kV
Tube inherent filtration : Equivalent to 0.8mm Al at 70kV
Leakage radiation : Less than 0.25mGy/hour maximum at a distance of 1m from focal spot
Long cone : Focus to cylinder tip distance = 31cm (12″)
Timer : Exposure time can be set from 0.08 to 3.2 seconds
X-ray emission control : “Dead man” switch with 3m spiral cable
Total weight : 28kg (weight of the head : 9kg)

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