Silver Airline Series

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Silver Airline compressors – compressed air for the highest demands in dentistry

The smallest of the Silver Airline compressors – the perfect solution for one user.

The classic compact dental compressor with a 2-cylinder V unit and a 20-litre tank for two users.

The high-performance compressor with 3 cylinders and a 50-litre tank delivers sufficient reserves for three users.

Duo Tandem 2 units
The flexible solution for growing performance requirements and additional operational reliability. With its 50-litre tank, the Duo Tandem can work with one or two units for up to four users as required.

Quattro Tandem 2 units
Top performance for dental laboratories and large surgeries – a 90-litre tank with a choice of one or two units for up to eight users.

Quattro P 20
The best air-supply performance with very small footprint for dental laboratories and large surgeries. Redundant system for the highest reliability – for up to 16 users.

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Powerful, reliable – and far too nice to be banished to the basement!

DÜRR DENTAL compressors combine top quality with robustness and durability and are almost completely maintenance-free. They supply the compressed air you need for dental treatments in your practice – air that needs to meet strict hygiene requirements. Dürr Dental already introduced drying systems for their compressed air units back in 1965, and set the global benchmark in dental-medical technology as they became the first manufacturer in the world not to use oil-based lubrication.

Membrane drying unit

Not only ensures that the power of the compressor is always available, but also enables a continuous supply of dry compressed air even in continuous operation.

Durable linear piston technology

Special materials are used for the piston and cylinder to replace conventional oil-based lubrication.

Tandem concept – a solution with the option for more

The Tandem line of compressors from DÜRR DENTAL offers particularly high operational reliability and is completely future-proof. The possibility of modular upgrades to the compressed air compressors makes them a flexible solution with the option for more power. A clear advantage of our high-performance dental compressors, as they can grow with the requirements of your practice – according to your needs and field.

Sustainability with the Silver Airline compressors

The possibility of modular upgrades makes our Silver Airline compressors in the tandem variant a flexible and sustainable solution with the option of more. When you expand your practice, you add a unit and thus double the power reserves. An intelligent control system also enables parallel operation of two tandem compressors on one compressed air line, which further increases the power reserves.

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